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Pics of my progress. Almost finished 18x18x18 Exo Terra

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I started just 7 days ago and been working on it any chance I get. Just finished touching up the background, adding the water feature and working on the water flow. Water started going places I wasn't planning it going so I had to mod the waterfall with rocks a bit to point the water int the right direction. I get a decent amount of dripping on each side of the waterfall when it lightly falls right below the wall. I don't think this will be a problem for the substrate. I might just ad some gravel in the back so I don't get soggy soil. All that's left is adding 1.5" of hydroton then about 3-4" of ABG substrate, gravel to the pond, and some more moss and a bonn. Then Ill let it sit for about a month to fill in. I need to figuere out what I can do about raising up the temp and humidity inside. It hovers around 70. humidity is around 40. I know when I silicone the front vents and add glass this will help. Don't know if it will make a huge rise in temps though.
First photo:


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Water features are fun to play with, but are a pain when the water goes where you dont want it to, which is usually all the time. Do your best to keep the water from your substrate because one drip every few hours will eventually saturate your substrate. Some people call it the "wick effect", I call it the "wick curse".
Once you add that glass, the humidity should climb to about 90% especially with that water feature. Just make sure you have some ventilation there someplace, it'll help keep your plants and everything else healthy are free of problems. It shouldnt affect your humidity too much, if you dont go over board.

Other than that, its really looking good! Dont forget to keep us updated on the growth!

edit: Keep an eye out on that fern, ive tried putting those in my tanks before and they didnt do too well. I assume they prefer moist substrate and nothing too much more beyond that for long periods of time.
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Not a bad start at all! I like that fern a lot, what is it?
I have the same tank for my luecs and really love the dimensions as it gives a great footprint to work with and at the same time is a manageable size. Good luck with it and be sure to post picks as it grows in.
Not a bad start at all! I like that fern a lot, what is it?
i'm pretty sure that is an asparagus fern (Asparagus sprengeri) don't quote me on that, haha i could be wrong
My Azureus used my fern as a trampoline....
Needless to say, mine did not last long, but the frogs enjoyed it!

Tank looks really good so far.
It's going to be stunning when the background ages a bit.
Thanks for the compliments everyone! The Fern is a Nephrolepis exaltata "Fluffy Ruffle". I think it might be too big for the viv though. we'll see.

The latest problem Iv'e been dealing with is the pump (maxiejet 606) When I first turn it on it spits water out like it should then eventually (over a 8 hour period) the water flow will diminish slowly. I unplug it then plug it back in then the water is back to norm. Is it possible these pumps could get clogged? It's in a small chamber that is also screened off. There are small particles of coco fiber floating around it but I didn't think this would cause any problems. Any other pumps you guys would recommend?
I've had a similar looking fern as a house plant but mine has terrible spikes hidden all over the stems. Does this variety have the spikes? If so, wouldnt they be bad for the frogs?

If no.. Pretty fern :)

EDIT: If it is an asparagus fern, it has spikes.
It doesn't have any spikes . I ran my hand threw it and all the foliage is really soft. they do fall off the branches easily though.
Is that mini-pelia moss where the water is flowing?
Is that mini-pelia moss where the water is flowing?
It might be. It's some sort of pillow moss I got near the mississippi river near my house. Found it growing under side some moist boulders on the bank.
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