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I'm pleased with mine also, but would like to try to figure out what can help them be more blold. Do you have them in a room that is busy or has traffic most of the day?

I keep mine my bedroom, and for most of the day has not one in it.

MBMcEwen said:
kyle1745 said:
Interesting, mine are not bold at all... Mine stay in the broms most of the time.

MBMcEwen said:
Thanks! I love these guys!! They are all over the place. They will hop all the way to another side of the tank just to catch a fly. Very active and entertaining. I hope I have at least one pair in there.

Actually, two of mine are staying in the broms, but the other two are out and about a lot. I am pleased overall.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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