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Photos of me killing more Selaginella (help)

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Well this is one of my newest tanks. I have recently replanted with some Properly mixed soil and then put the Selaginella back in.

I have closed of the top with plastic sheets so humidity is way up.

Soil is holding much more humidity now as you can see i got rid of the dry layer on top.

I put it beside the ficus so there are areas in full light, part light, and shade to figure out what is working.

Please tell me what you think is happening i took some photos for ya guys.

I may have to go with the java moss or christmas moss.

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Damn first I was to dry, now im to wet. Ill rip off a few pieces and tack them to back wall see how that does.
I just bought the focus so... I don't know what ill do when it gets huge. I can't cut it back because sap could be toxic. I guess ill dig it out in time.
Well I just tore up the other half that was in another tank. PLace bits and pieces all over the tank and if those grow i guess ill transplant that over to the one that is currently dieing.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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