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Photos of me killing more Selaginella (help)

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Well this is one of my newest tanks. I have recently replanted with some Properly mixed soil and then put the Selaginella back in.

I have closed of the top with plastic sheets so humidity is way up.

Soil is holding much more humidity now as you can see i got rid of the dry layer on top.

I put it beside the ficus so there are areas in full light, part light, and shade to figure out what is working.

Please tell me what you think is happening i took some photos for ya guys.

I may have to go with the java moss or christmas moss.

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Mine does best in full light, high humidity, but not wet roots. Try pinning a small sprig with roots to the background closer to the lights and where it will get misted frequently enough so that it doesn't dry out.

Edit - Also, if you plant a large clump, much of it will often die, but then it'll adapt and start growing. It looks like yours does have some new growth.
The healthiest growth that I have of it is growing on a fern panel background within 3 inches of a 26-watt daylight cfl bulb.
I planted a tank with this stuff. Most of it died out, but a few sprigs are still hanging on. My problem (beside the dying part) is that it is really stringing out. I think the light issue is key. Next time I move plants around, I will try to put it closer to the light at the top.
I feel your pain, but in a very different way. For some reason (that I certainly cannot attribute to any expertise on my part) I can't kill some of the more difficult viv plants but I can't grow vegetables to save my life. I've tried everything from soil amendments to planting in buckets of potting soil and I'm lucky to get one or two tomatoes or bell peppers off each plant.
Damn first I was to dry, now im to wet. Ill rip off a few pieces and tack them to back wall see how that does.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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