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Hey all,

Long story short I am applying for a grant to do some research on dendrobatid physiology and I am hoping to include some good photos to include in figures for the proposal. I have several of the species already but more options are always helpful. Ideally, they are simple photos I can cut the frog out completely (I will likely be adding them to a phylogenetic tree). It is a grant application so no real way to credit people for their photos but I will want to get people's permission (and only a handful of people will see it). Figured I would still ask! If you have any and feel like sharing please let me know it would be greatly appreciated.

Dendrobates leucomelas
Dendrobates auratus -
do not have
Oophaga pumilio - do not have
Oophaga histrionica - do not have
Phyllobates bicolor
Phyllobates terribilis
Ranitomeya benedicta
Ranitomeya variabilis
Ameerga trivatatta -
do not have
Epipedobates anthonyi - do not have
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