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I found this really cool looking wild cherry tree which had been knock-down by the wind in a forest my dad's friend owns, and i cut this really nice knarled branch that looks alot like a tree trunk that i want to put in an intermedius terrarium im going to build. It's pretty fresh but in a humid tank it will brake down really quickly. Is there some way i can preserve it? I dont really want to use a sealent cuz that will make it look sort of unnatural. I was thinking about soaking it in salt water, after all isnt that what makes driftwood a good choice for a terrarium? But that is gonna take a long time. Is there something else i can use or will wild cherry hold up? :?
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I don't know much 'bout wild cherry, but to salt sounds bad. Why will it not hold up? I know birch in the wild rots super quick just left laying on the ground, but if you take off the bark it dries up, and lasts a lot longer.
Just my $0.02
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