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perlite and vermiculite

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I have noticed that alot of things that I have read say that you need to use a soil that does nt contain these two items. But recently I read a post where someone did include this in their blend. Is this stuff dangerous? I noticed that it is listed as a part of the soil that I purchased to mix up for my azureus and my new red eyes. Can I use this stuff?


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I suspect that the major reason why people frown on using vermiculite in frog terrariums is that it isn't particularly attractive. After all if you go to great lengths to create a natural looking terrarium, who wants to see a bunch of white foamy bits in the soil? Also, as mentioned above, these substances can stick to moist things (such as your frogs :roll: ) and like to float in water. I've included a few links you may find interesting.

However, having said that, I have used small amounts of vermiculite/ perlite in my frog terrariums when I obtain plants containing them in the pot and don't want to overly disturb the roots. I just make sure I cover the stuff with coco bedding, moss etc. so it isn't exposed to my animals.

Good luck with your setup.

Elmo ... culite.htm
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