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I'm getting ready to set up some tanks, one for bassleri and one for pepperi. Just wanted to see what the best set up would be.

I've heard they need a large tank... I have two 40 longs (36x18x13), would they be adequate. Or do they need more height? Obviously bigger is better. I should state that I plan on putting 4 or 5 in each tank. and they will be HEAVILY planted! I've heard all kinds of stuff... like people are breeding them in 10 gallon set ups and some cant get them to do anything in 90gal plus set ups!!

Also, I've heard some people say they need a water feature for tad deposition. Does it need to be moving water? Or just a stagnate pool?? How big??

Pics would be great with detailed dimension information. Thanks in advance!!!

40s are good enough, but not for 5 of these guys. i would say no more than a trio. they are big frogs, and will use ALL the space in the tank. i have a moving water feature in mine, they love sitting in, on and around it(look behind and to the left of the brom).
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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