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Peperomia ID please

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I know somebody knows what this is. Thanks for the help!

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That would be Peperomia bicolor! Want any more? :)
actually, yes, I Do :)
Those leaves look felted? I have some p. bicolor and it is glossy. Those leaves look like the texture of a jewel orchid. Maybe I have it wrong
they are lightly felted, as is the photo on cloudjungle for this species. The leaf shape is a little different than what harry is calling Pep. bicolor though.
I would have gone with Pep. velutina, myself. My bicolors are more distinctly marked.

If it isn't an orchid, I have little chance on the taxonomy, I have no idea what characters are used to distinguish peperomia species... I just go with what my tags say.
I agree with Rob, thats velutina. Very prety pep that can get some size to it.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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