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Has anybody use micro greens in there builds and if so how did it turn out?
Has anybody thought of using lights to illuminate the water features in the tank??
Micro greens as in young edible salad greens? First of all, of course don’t eat anything that has come out of a tank with frogs in it - sounds like a great way to catch salmonella or something else nasty. If you’re intending to grow them not to eat but for visual appeal or for the frogs, there are lots of better options. Edible crops tend to require a massive amount of light compared to what we’re running in a tank, and there are lots of low light plants that would provide a similar visual effect like Hydrocotyles or Hemianthus callitrichoides.

It can be difficult to get sufficient light down into the water section of a paludarium without blasting everything higher up. I have considered installing lights just above the water, but in the end just used low-light plants in the water and that worked for me. Any lights down inside a viv would have to be quite waterproof and frog-safe, and the backs of high powered LEDs still get pretty hot so that would be a consideration.

No one on here is going to recommend mixing species, and 36x36x18” really isn’t that large when you take into account the size of frogs’ territories in the wild and possibility of territorial disputes or even predator/prey behavior.
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