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Hey all,

Trying to remember the ideal of "keep it simple stupid" I've designed, redesigned and then dumbed down multiple times what I'd like my paludarium to look like.

With that in mind, I have a few questions that will help me narrow it down on how to actually build it.

I want a space for fish as well as land for plants and possibly mudskippers (if I feel like trying brackish...)

First question is, I understand the false bottom and the reason for having one, can the false bottom water be "mixed" with the fish area water? Would soil get into it and harm the fish or just make their water look dirty? By this I mean having a false bottom to drain the land but not have a seperator extending down from there. Just have it hanging there above all the water.

Question 1.5: If I do brackish for the fish and still want to do plants on the land, would then seperating the two water areas be enough to not dilute the brackish water and also not kill the plants? (fresh water the land area and let it drain through the false bottom and then acryllic sheet seperate the fish area brackish water)

Second, I plan on using great stuff and some sort of grout or acryllic paint (I'll check for safety first with aquarium use) so do I just need to epoxy, or seal, the areas that are underwater and where the animals may go? Or should I epoxy it all as a precaution?

Thirdly, I want to use a sump, but my concern is overflow into the display tank flooding the land area or overflow into the sump flooding my livingroom. That is, if I use 2 pumps and only one fails. I know I can make an overflow valve type of thing, but that requires drilling the bottom of the tank and I don't know if it is tempered glass or not. Will the water still drain correctly if I drill close to the bottom on the back? That way I'll only have the return pump to worry if it shuts down and then no flooding worries. It will also keep the water at the level I want it at :)

3.5: Can I drain the false bottom water into the sump and let the filter clean it? Would that just clog my filter and have it require more maintanence?

Sorry, a lot to ask that I'm sure has been covered, but I've been sifting through threads for over a week now and its sometimes hard to find that already answered question on a 5 year old post 22 pages in... Hopefully none of it was right in front of my face :p

Thank you!
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