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I was wondering if anyone have any info on the different colour morphs of P. terribilis in the wild? Do they live in the same areas or do they originate from different localities?
Or are the morphs just a result of captive (in)breeding?

The different colors of terribilis are from different populations.
Seat Stewart has a few locations listed for each of the morphs on his site
You might want to try and find the paper by Myers, Daly, and Malkin "A Dangerously Toxic New Frog Phyllobates Used by Embera Indians of Western Colombia, With Discussion of Blowgun Fabrication and Dart Poisoning" it is from the Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History vol 161 article 2, published in 1978.

Hope this helps,

I just read something interesting while searching for the paper that bgreen mentioned in his post,, something to think about :

The extremely toxic P. terribilis, which eats pure poison.
Charles W. Myers, American Museum of Natural History

A wild frog keeps its poison in skin glands for years ready for trouble. "So, a wild-caught frog will, in captivity, remain noxious and toxic for years," says John Daly, Scientist Emeritus, Laboratory of Bioorganic Chemistry, National Institutes of Health. Diet makes no difference because the poison, gathered in the wild, is stored and ready, like a loaded and cocked pistol.

Fortunately, zoo poison-dart frogs have no chance to get the poison. They are born in the zoo and raised on diets that do not contain alkaloids.
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