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Hey guys,

I got a pair of P. bicolor on friday and thought I'd share with you guys. I drove to Lawrence, KS to pick them up. Thanks to Ben Green for letting me know they were there. I took them home and put them in their tank with a lid I made for it, didn't think anything about it. I came home to check on them after volunteering at the Zoo on Saturday only to find out form my mom that she had misted them at 9:00 p.m. and shut my door do the dog wouldn't get in my trash, but when she went down in the morning, they were gone. I found them basking on the mantel of my egress window, haha. Here's some pics, by the way, not phyllobates.

These are all of my male, the female climbed back in the deli cup (I accidently left it in tank) and I don't want a pic of a frog in a cup.

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