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Our Frog Room Video...

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Here's a link...Sorry I am bad with a video cam!!

YouTube - Playing with new camcorder...Frog/Rhac Room

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The smaller front and back pieces sit inside the right and left...I hope that is what you are after...
that's exactly what i was looking for, thanks! whenever you post those dimensions i think i'm going to call around the glass shops here :)
If you are willing to pay a little extra to get exactly what will work for you they are sooooooooo worth it!! If you are going to be drilling glass, look for bits on ebay. I think I was paying almost $10 a hole for a glass shop to drill them for me before I got smart and started doing my own! Also make sure the glass shop "Knocks off the edge" so they aren't sharp!
AH HA finally found it about 2 feet from the keyboard in with a bunch of "Real Work" stuff...Sorry for the delay guys!!

15" X 17" (Bottom, and the only one I get in 3/16" )

All 1/8" or "Double Strength"
14 3/4" X 6 1/2" Lower Front
14 3/4" X 14" Back
15" X 10 1/2"
15" X 11"

5 sided piece is (Have the glass shop keep a template for you if you will be making quite a few of these). The angled cut is from the top of the 6.5" and the end of the 11" top.


6 1/2" 14"


Hope this helps you all out and have fun with your new project!!

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Would love to see pics of anyone who builds their own, and what "Tweaks" they made to make the original design better!
Your custom made tanks made me think of these! I used to work in a candy shop. Cheap ass option maybe? Maybe not quite as ff proof, though. But I'm sure I can work my way around that. These could work as grow up tanks for thumbs maybe.


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