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It's that time of year again, and this weekend, I trekked over to the Greater Lansing Orchid Society show, where I picked up a cool fern from Ecuador from New Vision Orchids. It's going to have to grow out for some time, given that I have no idea what sprays they use in their greenhouse, but it is a super cool fern. Unfortunately, they didn't have a tag on it, so I emailed them to ask for the species ID, which they told me I could do. I snagged a new Pleurothallis, and a Tacca chantrieri, too. They get way too big for tanks, and I'm running out of space in the basement. Time for a greenhouse? I mean, by now, who knows what the neighbors think I'm doing down there?

I also watched Black Panther, and was really into the costumes. Personally, I would have designed the Wakandan architecture quite differently, however. It just didn't stand up to the wow factor I was anticipating. Still, it was worth seeing. Well cast, the pacing was good, and I left satisfied.

Just a quick mention on my crabs, I just passed a year of keeping them, and they're boldly purple, now. I wonder if I'll get babies. I wasn't intending to breed them, but I wouldn't mind if they did. There are few places where I can tell people that I love having crabs. A local frog hobbyist asked me once if I'd gotten any new frogs lately, to which I replied, "No, but I did get crabs." He looked like I'd just slapped him, and stared in shock while I chuckled, explaining that they were Geosesarma crabs. Oh, the fun I have with keeping crustaceans.


I forgot to mention that there are more shows next month in Michigan. The one I favor is the Michigan Orchid Society show, which is slated for 24-25 March, running from 10am to 4:30pm. In the past, Ecuagenera has been there, along with Hausermann Orchids, and Windswept in Time Orchids. I'm hopeful that they'll all be there this year. What shows are happening in your area? What good scores have you made lately? What's on your wish list?
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