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Question about wet/dry periods during the day.

Using plant health and condensation on glass as indicators, I dialed in misting to about six seconds every 4 hours over a 24 hour cycle.

The leaf litter is almost completely dry by about 2 hours after a misting, daytime, with some damp spots remaining. Nightime with light off it seems to take about 3 hours. Front glass clear within 10 minutes. Some areas are shielded from the misters and remain relatively dry, but I haven’t seen frogs sitting there, only passing through.

There’s never any water flowing from the bulkhead drain in the vivarium bottom, but the clay beads are always wet and glossy. The plants and mosses are thriving. The moss needs a little extra water which I supply manually.

I would like to optimize conditions for the frogs. Is there a recommended wet/dry time period? Any suggestions regarding the misting cycle? Thank you.

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