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Only three frogs, really?

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So, I set up my 55 gallon viv three years ago and life happened (two kids, 800 mile move) and never actually put any frogs in it. I have decided to replant/revive it and actually get frogs this time. BUT I have been re-researching and it looks like groups if three (2 male, one female) is the best way to go with darts. I have been most interested in tincs and azureas for the colors but apparently these are the more aggressive females. So, I was wondering if maybe with a larger tank more frogs would be possible or perhaps suggestions of other colorful PDFs that are not super shy.

Here is a pic of the viv when first set up:


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Looks good.. I would give the frogs more ways to get out of the water so they dont drown.

I recommend leucs as a larger tank frog as well as a beginner frog. Most people who have been in the hobby will tell you it is still one of their favorite frogs. They are good in groups to an extent and are beautiful yellow (sometimes orangish) color and black. You could do auratus as well as they are good in groups but typically arent very bold. I can almost reach down and touch one of my leucs before he really cared.
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Leucs are great group frogs. You can put more then 3 in a 55 too. Tincs are my favorite, and in a 55, a 2.1 group will just be perfectly fine. Get what you like best, and good luck.
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So if I go with leucs or auratus how many do you guys think I could have in the 55 gal?
How many frogs would you like to put in there?

There are a lot of options for good group frogs that are bold and hardy.

When it really comes down to it, if there is one frog that you really have your heart set on, you wont be disappointing in your pair or trio. Honestly, I wish I could have every one of my tinc pairs in something larger than a 20. They are so active you would always see them bouncing around the tank!
You might be able to keep 3-4 in there. Maybe 5. It really depends. You do have that huge water feature, i'm assuming you will be adding a lot more plants, etc. If you took the water feature out and planted a little more than you already have, you can keep 4-5 but as is, 2, maybe 3.
I would say 5 leucs or auratus...
If you want to keep more, would suggest making the water area a lot smaller or getting rid of it all together. They will need as much ground space as they can get.
If it's between getting rid of the water feature and more frogs I think I would rather just get fewer frogs and get the tincs. I have loved them for years. I did buy some azolla from Black Jungle to put in the water and I will also get some crypts too. I only keep it about 1.5" deep. It's not really as big as it looks, pic doesn't show the entire length of the tank.

Thanks for all of the input. I can't wait to get my new plants in and get this show on the road finally!
Another on would be to lay a nice size piece of wood across the water feature. You get to keep it and they have their ground space.

I love Leucs and Tincs. If you want Tincs 2.1 would be fine IMO. I know it seems like a lot of room for 3 frogs, but you'll see that they'll use every inch of the tank and you'll see them all the time.
Honestly I dont think the water feature is an issue at all, IMO. Looks great too....which is part of the enjoyment of the hobby right.

I've kept 2.1, 1.2, 1.3 tincs in 55 gal tanks....for years.

sure the ideal might just be a pair, but....if you pay attn to them, and are prepared to separate them if needed you can try other combinations.

Also, get them all from the start.

Adding more to an established pair or trio later on may not go as well as starting with 3-4 at the beginning.

* keep what you like

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You know, terribilis/ bicolor or anthonyi/ tricolor would do really well in groups, and be bold. I agree with Sportsdoc, I think the water feature is just fine. Looks to me like frogs can get out easily. And they can use it for tad deposition.
I have a 2:3 group of costa rican auratus in a 60 gallon vivarium and they do well and breed. I would say 5-6 auratus or leucomelas in a 55 gallon.
I like how your setup looks
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You know, terribilis/ bicolor or anthonyi/ tricolor would do really well in groups, and be bold. I agree with Sportsdoc, I think the water feature is just fine. Looks to me like frogs can get out easily. And they can use it for tad deposition.
Second on this. Especially the bicolor. They are soon becoming one of my favorite frogs. Even if you only had 3-4 in there you would always see them out.
Very nice tank!

Naturally, Leucs are my first choice, and I've had pdfs for a number of years. The males have a very pleasant birdlike chirp, and they do well in groups.

Auratus do well in groups - I raise blue/bronze auratus and I have bunch of youngsters ready to go.

All the frogs mentioned are great frogs, so you can't go wrong. You might even have a local breeder who can help you out with acquiring your first frogs. I say 'first' 'cuz you can't have just one viv :)

best of luck!
A group of 7-8 vittatus would be awesome in a 55. Great group frogs, beautiful call, they look awesome, and they're hardy.
I have a group of 5 auratus (Costa Rican Green and Black) in a breeder style 50 gallon tank. All of them are 5+ years old, 3 females, 2 males. Only problem I ever have is egg eating, but still have plenty of eggs to pull and nice offspring. The are active and I see them every day. Great frogs!
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