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A couple of weeks ago a couple of topics caught my attention (1) the mentor program and (2) a question about PDF magazines. This got me thinking about a collective online magazine. Here is an excerpt from an email I sent:
What I envision is a small content management system like Mambo with a
small group of editors that writes articles and requests certain
articles to be written. Similarly, the community would be able submit
requests for articles or publish articles themselves. Furthermore, I
thought it would be great to have a product review section like many
technical websites do and receive products from vendors for evaluation.
In addition, I would like to see a Wiki type engine for dart frog
information similar to WikiPedia, but of course much smaller. Something
else which could be very interesting is a vivarium database. One of my
other interests is cephalopods and their equivalent site,, has
a great online database of member's aquariums. Finally, it would be
great to seek scientific articles and request reprinting rights.

Part of the reason I think a project would help the hobby is that much
of the valuable information is spread all over the place on websites
that sometimes aren't updated often or that simply disappear when the
individual can no longer maintain it.
There is so much great content here that would make great articles. I have relevant experience in content management systems and website management and would donate the bandwidth and programming, what I would need is help with original content. I probably will have a gap between contracts in the near future where I can start plugging away at this if enough people are interested.

Please let me know what you think,


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Wow, that wounds like a great idea. A database for pdf info. I would be willing to write some.


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I was actually thinking about that before, but in printed form. Nothing big, but get people to write articles, have someone print them out, and mail them to whoever wants them, very slight charge for ink, shipping, and paper. But online would probably be a little easier, with unlimited/limited access. I could help out in some ways, wether you want me to help with editing or asking people to write some articles. Keep me posted, I would love to partake in something like this.

You should feature a different dart frogs species each issue, it would take quite a while to run out of species and by then it would likely be very big.
Also you could show how to build vivariums, how to culture food, fruit fly medium recipes, even similar species like mantellas.

A good idea.

You would have to make it layed out like a magazine i recon to let it catch on, although that could take a while to get peoples interest up

anything is good to promote the hobby :)

good idea



I don't want to piss on anyone's parade here, but there is currently a dendroboard feature like this in the works. We were basically envisioning a journal, with a rolling publication schedule of peer-reviewed articles on everything dendrobatidae. Each new feature like this, adds a lot of new work, so I am always willing to bring knowledgeable people into the project. I currently am the Editor-in-Chief of a law journal, and I can promise you that even electronic publication can be a lot of work.

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