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This week is off to a better start, and I got some time to work on tank stuff. I took a few minutes to silicone some wood into place, and camouflage the wood with some tree fern fiber. I have opted not to do a traditional background in this particular tank, and I expect that I'll be trying some other weird approaches in the near future. I've used foam a lot previously, and wanted to try something different. For this reason, I'm so far avoiding foam, though I may use some later to create a barrier around my corner pond if I run out of options or ideas. Photos can be seen here.

I have not decided what to do with the corner pond in the back on the right of the tank. This tank had a small crack in the corner when I bought it, so I received a discount, and placed the pond where I could keep a close eye on the crack, now covered in silicone. In an attempt to reduce future water pressure on the crack, the maker installed a glass barrier in the tank, creating two separate bodies of water. Its placement gave me some constraints, but I didn't mind. I suppose I could have removed it, but that seemed like more hassle than I wanted.

I am still trying to figure out whether I want to use wood to give the frogs a way out of the pond, or rocks. Likewise, I'm not sure what I want to do to create a barrier to prevent substrate from falling into the pond. We'll see what I end up doing.

My Begonia blancii project has stalled, but I did take a cutting out of its tank, since it was getting ridiculously huge in there. I recently bought a second blancii so I don't have to do self crossings anymore. It occurred to me that flies in the tank could all too easily pollinate a flower with the pollen from another begonia in there, giving me hybrid seeds that I might unknowingly waste time growing in my pursuit of a black blancii. Now, I'll have two non-sibling plants to cross which will be free from pollen contamination, hopefully giving me a better shot at what I want.
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