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nyc american museum of natural history frog exhibit

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just got back from the exhibit. while i am happy i went, i see much more creativity in the vivs posted on this site then in the exhibit. the species were fairly common as well, out of the 12 vivs there 3 were dedicated to bullfrogs. I did make the mistake of going at noon on a monday, so the school feild-trips were in full frenzy. I felt like an employee begging the frantic children to stop pounding on the vivs to get the frogs' attenton. I got some realy nice shots... i'l post a link to it later tonight
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Looking forward to seeing them. Personally, if I saw anyone, ANYONE, pounding on the cage of ANY animal, I'd kick their ass.
I know what you mean. I used to keep fish (mainly cichlids, especially apistos) and one time I walked into my room and my little cousin was pounding on the glass. I snuck up behind him and lifted him off the ground and told him i wouldn't put him down untill he promised to never pound on a tank again.
Clyde Peelings exhibits

I have some photos of the enclosures that Clyde sent me before his exhibit originally debuted in Virginia Beach at the Marine Science Center. I guess I need to post them somewhere before I can link them here, any suggestions on where to post them?
Do them in the photo gallery on here. I would like to see as many pics as possible, because I won't get to see it. Especially the Phyllomedusa sauvagei tank, to give me ideas for my new 120 gallon P. sauvagei tank.
amnh pics

I do not know how to post the pics here,
if someone will instruct me how to post the pics here i'l do it.
bon appetit-
To post pics, you can either create a gallery of your own using the gallery link at the top of this forum, or go somewhere like

Once you get them uploaded, just come back here and in a new message, click the "Img" button on the top right of the box, that will place "
" tag right after it. Click preview to see if it works.

Hope that helps!
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Hmm...look like healthy waxys, but their cage sucks as far as meeting their requirements. It's "pretty", but doesn't work with waxys. Bromeliads, water falls, etc? I'd like to find those in the Gran Chaco. The Gran Chaco is an arid enviroment with warm temperatures (95*F+) and hot winds. I don't think there'd be any of those plants. Shrubs, trees, etc. would be more appropriate.

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That is the same thing i was thinking
Clyde Peeling of ReptileLand exhibit photos

I have posted some of the photos of the enclosures that are being used for the traveling frog exhibit in my gallery. I couldn't post them all due to space limitations in the gallery. Clyde was nice enough to send me these pics for help in designing my enclosures.
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