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Ok, I know I'm a little rusty but what are the numbers like " x : x : x " everyone has near what frogs they have?

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An f1 stands for 1 generation below wild caught.
So if you see a frog that is sold as an f1 then its parents are wild caught.
f2 is 2 generations from w/c
f3 is 3 generations from w/c

I have never seen a p1, not sure what that stand for.

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No they would be F2.
WC = wild caught.
F(x) = generation from wild caught.

as to an F1 bread back to a wild caught... I dunno what that is probably F2.
or F2 bred back to a F1 dunno what that is. my guess would be F3 still
I think the number just goes back to how many generations separate it from WC ancestors (the longest path?)


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clarity...or something close to it

This is the reason why people should not use F1 or P1 or whatever. These are just terms geneticists use to follow a trait through generations. Unfortunately, people do use them (incorrectly may I add) as follows: P = parental, i.e. starting pair usually from unrelated bloodlines (assumed). f1 = filal 1, i.e.- the offspring of the parental generation. F2 is the tricky one that everyone messes up on. Most use it to describe crosses between two individuals from the f1 generation. An F1 bred back to a parental is just considered a backcross and receives no moniker. If you brought in another frog from an unrelated group that was an F1 and bred it with an F1 from another group...then since they are unrelated this is a new cross and is back to P (parental) generation. Again, this is my conflict with using this labeling system. It only works if you are inbreeding animals and following SPECIFIC traits.

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