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With my first build, I was so excited and eager to get my viv built even though I waited 4 months before buying the frogs. I did research and ask a lot of questions. After nearly a year it still looks pretty good.
Plant placement could have been better but the frogs seem to like it as there is a lot of places to retreat to in a pinch and they seem pretty happy.

Now I think it is time to start on my second vivarium. I have learned from past mistakes such as plant placement and since this tank is smaller than the 80 gals I'll need to be more space-conscious with planting.
I am hoping to chronicle it throughout the build as I hope to gain more knowledge from everyone along the way.

I have already cleaned the inside glass with a vinegar-water solution. (Stinky stuff)
Most likely I'll give it another once-over before I start the hardscape.
I have the false bottom built and the drain /siphone. Next is attaching the fabric over the egg crate.
GS, cork flats and tubes, and Mopani. I'll probably use a lot of clippings from my current build.

Stage 1 photos

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