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Also available;

Bukhuis WC Trio 1.2 (twice the size as cb) $375
Oyopok 2 proven males $125ea. or $225 for both
Kutari 3 males $125ea.
Azureus trio $325
Female Cobalt WC (proven) $125
Powder Blue pair WC $225


Cristobal pairs $225ea.
Female Bri Bri $175
Photos available upon request.

CB banded leuc F1- $55
Fine spotted leuc’s available soon.

Superblue auratus Sub-adults unsexed $65ea.

Orange Terribilis 6-months plus. $70ea. 5 or more discounts.

Gold bi-color group 5 sub-adults $250ea.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Our phone number is (954) 540-6489 or email us at [email protected] No PM’s please.
Our Customer Service hours are; Monday thru Friday 10am. to 5pm.

Marcus Breece
Simply Natural Dart Frogs
[email protected]


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