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Well, I had tried to find out as much info on springtails BEFORE I collected some locally to feed my dart's. All indications said they were safe. I collected some Polurid Springtails (snow fleas, dark maroon in color) and started some cultures. I also fed some to my Luecs and Auratus.
Before I continue I want to stress that I'm positive the spot I got them from in the woods, on a path that closely follows a river outside of town, is free of pesticides and other nasty stuff.
The next morning my 2 auratus and 3 luecs were all bloated and lethargic and one Luec was dead. The others recovered and were acting normal again the next day. Then a week later I found one of my Auratus dead on it's back. I looked around the tank and sure enough a hatch of those springtails was occuring in a corner. I cleaned it out the best I could. All my frogs that did not get the sprintails were fine, and I'm glad I didn't give them to all of them.

So, I have been racking my brain trying to figure out what went wrong. I know it has to do with those springtails. I did an online search and found two sites about springtails that said that some can be toxic as a defense.

These are the possiblities I came up with:

1. There were so many of those little springtails in there the frogs ate themselves to death. This was actually my first thought before the second frog died a week later.

2. The springtails may have been eating toxic molds or fungus and passed it on to the frogs.

3. The area I got them was pine forest. Maybe the springtails were very acidic from feeding on the debris under the trees. A large amount of acidic food might be harmful.

4. These particular springtails could have developed a toxic defense.

I'm posting this so other PDF enthusiasts can learn from my mistake. I know alot of people like to try "local" insects as supplemental foods. Even something that is supposed to be safe could for some reason turn out to be unsafe.

If anyone has any insight on what might have happened please post it. And as I said, the area was pesticide and contaminant free, so don't go there please.
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