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In the interest of clarity, this post is intended to describe generally what conduct we can all expect from each other, and from ourselves. Some of these norms are not precise, though, and the list is not comprehensive; the spirit, even more than the letter, of these rules should be the guiding factor.

The "formal rules", Marketplace rules, and Terms of Use are more explicit, and should be rigorously observed.

  • General conduct norms:
    • Each member should maintain a respectful, friendly, and civil approach to every discussion, posting, chat, image, advertisement, etc. Criticizing the claims of other members should be done constructively; criticizing other members themselves should not be done at all.

    • Each member should not post any abusive, instigative, obscene, vulgar, hateful, libelous, threatening, or sexually-oriented material or, further, any other material that may violate any applicable law.

    • Harassment of DB administrators, moderators, or other members is strictly forbidden. In those cases where members have questions about moderation of a particular topic, they should take up their concerns privately with the appropriate moderator or administrator. Public posts questioning said action(s) are restricted.

    • The topic and text of each parent and child post should generally conform to the description of the respective forum where it is posted. Moderators can and will move, edit, delete, or otherwise modify irrelevant posts.

    • Members should not hijack or change the topic of a parent post.

  • Formal rules of forum use:
    • Members are not allowed to promote competing forums anywhere on DB. This includes in links, signatures, profiles, PMs, or posts.

    • Each registrant is allowed only one active DB account. No duplicate accounts or posting under different screen-names is permitted.

    • Posting for another member or non-member, or posing as, or using someone else's account to post is prohibited.
  • Buying, selling, and trading; vendor feedback, advice and recommendations:
    • Posting 'for sale' or 'wanted' notices are to be done only in the relevant section of the Marketplace using the expected format there. The Marketplace is accessible only to members who have met the minimum post count and minimum time elapsed since registration requirements.

    • Posts seeking to buy or sell in the discussion forums are not permitted.

    • Vendor feedback is permitted only in the relevant sections of the Marketplace. The Marketplace is accessible only to members who have met the minimum post count and minimum time elapsed since registration requirements.

    • Threads seeking information on vendors, sales leads, and similar inquiries will be heavily moderated. Asking for factual information ("where did you get your frogs?") rather than recommendations ("where is a good place to buy frogs") is advisable.

Dendroboard moderators will help to ensure that these norms are followed by offering advice on conduct, issuing formal warnings, barring users from specific threads, or banning users temporarily or permanently.

If anyone has any questions about these expectations, please contact me or another moderator by PM.
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