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1. Noone really says how often or what to feed. I understand there are variables such as age, humidity, season, and so on, but are there any good "Guidelines"?
this is a topic that is actually discussed with regularity. and what becomes apparent is that overfeeding is a major problem in this hobby. it is totally feasible to feed your animals once a week, although more frequent feedings may be needed. one thing to look for is flies remaining in the tank. if there are still flies, you dont need to feed.

and to those who may be skeptical, i will say that i personally feed my collection about once a week and my frogs are of healthy weight. (of course froglets and juveniles are fed more frequently)

2. What is everyones opinion on Exo-Terra tanks? I think they'd be nice because of the front opening on the tanks, but then again I'm a total Noob at this whole thing, so it's better to ask the knowledgeable then to make mistakes and waste money and possibly not give frogs the best possible living conditions.
cant comment here. i have 35 or so tanks, all of which are either standard aquariums or standard aquariums which have been converted to front opening. front opening tanks are GREAT and i wish all my tanks were front opening, but if i were to go that roue it would definitely be custom built "euro" style tanks, and not exoterras or zoomeds.

3. What would be a good beginner species that is a social species? I think personally it'd be way more interesting to have a group of 4-6 opposed to 2.
phyllobates species

4. Does anyone know of a reputable breeder in SE Wisconsin, northern IL.?
I'd really like to talk to a few breeders close by, maybe see some of their vivariums. I really want to be the more prepared I can be before I purchase any frogs. I really don't wanna have a unprepared "Test batch" of frogs.
frogmanroth is a great guy and lives in wisconsin (i havent seen him on here in a while). you should have no trouble finding frogs if you post a wanted ad with wisconsin in the title.

1. The staple is generally Fruit Flies. You can offer D. melanogaster to most all Dart species, D. hydei are better suited for larger Darts, and "Turkish Gliders" are another alternative. Some say the frogs truly appreciate hunting down the "Gliders".
ok, so some things to think about here... D. melanogaster are available in many forms. all of which are genetic variants of wild type flies. the turkish gliders are simply a mutation that is commonly used because many of us believe they are superior to other types for our purposes. the biggest advantage, IMO, is that they produce FAR more heavily than wingless type flies, while retaining the inability to fly. they are also less prone to drowning in minute amounts of water. yes, they are faster and encourage "hunting" but that isnt a selling point. also, i havent seen any frogs (or froglets) that are incapable of catching them.

Another food source is Bean Beetles. These are better for larger species, but perhaps Bean Beetle offspring would be suitable for smaller species.
bean beetles are one size. when you culture them you'll find that one day there seem to be no beetles, and the next they emerge from the beans and are full size, there isnt a way (that i know of) to harvest them at any other size than adult.

Springtails should be well seeded into the viv and be a constant food source for them. These are considered supplemental for adults, but VERY IMPORTANT for Froglets, and smaller species in general.
this depends on the frog species. most can take melanogaster (or stunted melanogaster) immediately upon emerging from the water.

Termites are reputed as being a good feeder, but the risks generally outweigh the benefit IMHO.
while the possibility exists for escapees a properly designed culture should be pretty escapee proof. also feeding can be regulated to dishes where the termites are contained, while some species that eat aggressively may allow for the escape of termites from the feeding station, most should be fine.

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