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Hello Everyone,
My daughter left me with three dart frogs and the instrructions that I got were to order fruit flies and sprinkle calcium/Vit D on them to feed daily. I was told that cleaning the vivarium is not necessary. Now I am doing research to find that nothing is tropical inside this vivarium. I have the frogs for sale and I believe they are "Ensing/Bakhuis". In the meantime I think I order some clean up bugs but I am wondering where to get tropical plants.
I am so upset that my daughter told me to use tap water with the mister/fogger. I am a huge animal lover and now I question if the frogs were being cared for properly ?????:(
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I sell clean up bugs but I'm going to recommend that you NOT bother to get them in your case. You are trying to find a different home for the frogs anyway. Additionally, all the live plants are using the frog poo as fertilizer and cleaning the tank that way. They really don't need them, short term. You do need to get some fruit fly cultures from somebody.
Please try to find out the real morph from her instead of just guessing. Ask her if she knows a bloodline, too.
As far as tap water, it's really ok for the frogs. The Chlorine in it is a nominal amount. Unless your city used unusually high amounts of Chlorine, they will be fine. Yes, most of us use purified water in our misters, but that is to keep calcium and water deposits from etching into the glass and destroying our viewing surface.
The lack of cleaners and use of tap water does not necessarily mean she was not providing a good home. If you'd like, post some pictures here and we can chime in if they look like healthy, well fed frogs.
Good Luck!
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