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Great! Thank you for replying. I dug a little bit deeper while awaiting a reply and found a wealth of information. Basically, I believe, based on what you put in your tank it’s a matter of opinion and establishment. Being as this was our first go around with a living vivarium, we went about as basic as you can. I used the basic exo-terra background, PVC, window screen, pea gravel, a mix of eco dirt and pre mixed leaf litter substrate from a local breeder, and pre cured plants. Everything was sterilized with a 5% bleach solution and put together. I also got a culture of pink springtails from the local breeder and started half of the culture in the vivarium and am starting the other half as a bigger culture to add in later. I am so excited and all the information on here is amazing!
Yea, it's really impressive how much information there is on this board and how the more experienced folks continually share info with noobs like us.
My .02$ would be to wait awhile, let the springs get really established, and make sure everything continues to function like you want (ie temperature, humidity, fly cultures, equipment, etc). You might want to consider getting some isopods and adding them to the viv before the frogs as well.
Then again, it sounds like you already sterilized everything and could add frogs today if you really wanted!
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