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Just finished a new viv and picked up some green legged R. lamasi from Daryl and Chris at NARBC. Thanks guys! They're awesome frogs and quite outgoing so far for just having moved in. There was calling within the first few hours of them being in the tank. I'm so stoked!

Here's some pics.

Full tank shot:

One of the residents:

Belly shot through the glass:

Someone camped out in a brom:

I think I documented my build pretty well so I'll start a build thread as soon as I find my camera's card reader.

I've got a few questions if anyone has answers and a few minutes to spare...

1. I spoke to Daryl a little bit about the green legged lamasi and nomenclature but I'm still a little confused. Is green legged the same as panguana? Or is the green leggeds a color variation of the panguana locale?

2. I'm hoping that these guys are taking turns to be out and about because I only ever see two at a time at most. I'm pretty confident that all 3 are there because of some slight variations in markings I've noticed, but what are your patience thresholds for tearing apart a tank to look for the other frog. (don't worry, I'm no where near that and I recognize it's pretty detrimental to the frogs.) This is just more of an opinion question... new parent jitters, ya know?

3. Any advice on sexing these guys aside from seeing one call? They came as sexed from Daryl as a 1.2 trio but I didn't get into specifics with him because it was really busy at that moment. I'll go do a search as well....

Like I said, I'll get a build thread up but here's some info on the tank:

Artificial tree root structure with PVC and great stuff covered with a clay mix. Also did the cubed clay substrate. I used Doug's recipe, for the most part.

Thanks for lookin!
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