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I just got my new springtail separator in the mail today and just tried it out, and it works amazingly!!!

I have been using a method for separating springtails in the past where I pour them off of the charcoal substrait into a travel coffee mug with a lid. I would fill the mug up about 3/4 of the way and then put the lid on and cover the spout, and then tip the mug almost upside down and open the spout which would release the water from the bottom and leave the springs floating on top.

Well I found a much easier solution:
A gravy strainer! SoftWorks Fat Separator: Kitchen & Dining

It even has a strainer on top to catch the stray charcoal pieces that usually fall in. I just spray down the charcoal in the strainer with a spray bottle and the springs drain down to the bottom of the pitcher. Then just put the springtail-free charcoal back in the culture and tip the pitcher, now full of water and springtails, and since the spout is connected to the bottom the water comes from the bottom of the pitcher leaving the springs floating on top. I leave a small amount of water in the bottom so that most of the spring just slide on out when I go to feed them in my vivs, but some stick to the sides of the strainer so I just spray down the sides with a spray bottle and then just dump them into the tank, with not a single spring waisted.

The extra step of using the gravy separator keeps me from having to dump a lot of water into my tanks every time I go to feed, which saves me from having to drain the tanks as often, especially since I don't have drain valves in my tanks.

Maybe someone else is using this meths but I don't remember seeing it on the board.
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