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It has been my dream since I was 6 years old to own poisonous dart frogs. After an unexpected breakup over Christmas, I have decided to finally fulfill my dream as well and do something productive to help with my depression.
Today I bought my very first set of dart frogs and I was over the moon... Until I got home.

Both frogs were in a tiny deli style cup. When I went to transfer them one jumped out and *long story short* jumped into a small notch in my wall between the wall and some cabinets.

He was out of my reach. And I don't know how far this hole goes into my wall.

It has been 7 hours now with no sight of him or his return.

I am absolutely devastated and disheartened because my first experience and long time dream has been crushed.

I'm assuming he's dead but I guess I'd like like to know if after so long he is definitely dead?
I can't imagine they'd live long without moisture.

I'm mainly concerned because I have a cat and id hate to assume he's dead when he could have mutant abilities and survive longer than I suspected.

I don't want him to magically show up and my cat eat it and die 馃槶

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So sorry to hear about this - absolutely heartbreaking. Try placing a small dish of water near the site. It may or may not be too late for the little frog. I don't know what the humidity is where you live but maybe there is a chance there is enough humidity for the frog to survive a short time. I've found that small froglets tend to hide most of the time so it might not come out.
About your cat - I do not think eating the tiny frog will do anything to your cat (they eat worse things), but you might want to keep the cat out of the room for a short time because the cat will see it and eat it before you have a chance to react.

For future note - I always place the deli cup in the vivarium then lift the lid. Usually the froglets will jump right out but if they don't I leave the cup in the vivarium until they decide to get out:)

Again, so sorry this happened but please do not allow this to discourage you. This is a wonderful hobby and very rewarding. This forum is a great place to gather info and feedback.

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Sorry about that. You know how that saying from Jurassic Park goes though? Life will find a way.

My first group of frogs had an escapee that dehydrated in the course of an autumn day and two that just didn鈥檛 do well. 3:1 isn鈥檛 good but that one that survived is great and I got her a new roommate a year later. Dreams don鈥檛 have to be static.

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I don't know what the notch in the wall looks like, but is it possible that you could tape a jar or tupperware container over the hole, with a bit of moist sphagnum moss in it? You could treat it like catching a spider or bee, and wait for him to be in the jar/tupperware, and gently slide some paper between the container and the wall, trapping him in it. Perhaps you could bait the jar with a tiny piece of banana and a couple fruit flies, too.

I wouldn't give up hope just yet, but the cat does present a significant risk to your frog.
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