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Hello all.

I have been researching the wonderful hobby of dart frogs for the past two years and now have finally have decided to pull the trigger on my setup. I am going to be purchasing two Ranitomeya Benedicta Yellowheads next week. A quick run-down of my specs:

18x18x24 exo-terra terrarium
small floodlight
3 nozzle MistKing system (run 13 seconeds 3 times a day)
I have about a dozen plant species inside of the the tank currently
I bought the majority of my products from FrogDaddy.

With all of this being said I'm so excited to get my frogs! Benedicta have always been my favorite frog since the beginning of when I first entered the hobby. Originally I was going to get a group (0.0.4) of the shuchusyacu morph and have since decieded upon a pair of (0.0.2) of yellowheads. I'm so excited and will share my findings with the community. Here is a link to my Youtube channel to show yall some of my passions and what I've been working on.

If anyone has experience with this species/morph I'd love to learn even more!

Many thanks
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