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New to bean beatles

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Just got a culture of bean beatles to start (thanks daviddelp). Got a couple questions.

Can my smaller tincs eat these? Such as my couple month old azureus or should I even try?

I know they have a boom around 30 days then you feed.. is it feasible to steal some from a culture a couple weeks in to get a few cultures that boom at alternating weeks so you could have a good beatle feast every two weeks?
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I dont think your young azureus will take them to well. Even for some of my adult azureus and auratas it look it looks like its a mouthful to chow down on.
I have tricolor that eat them..

After the beetles emerge from the beans, they live for around 10-12 days. You can seperate some out and start new cultures with them. The life span allows you to spread them out over two weeks into new cultures. If you want to avoid a lot of deceased beetles when you feed them out make sure to harvest the beetles as there is a second emergence around 60 days if you keep the cultures long enough.

Wouldn't it be possible to make two cultures and keep them at different temperatures, so they bloom at different times?
If you feel the cultures, they heat up on thier own quite a bit so you would have to really cool the culture to extend the developmental time. It doesn't take long before you are producing enough each week.. Once the second week is producing, you can extend that to the third and usually the fourth week. And once you have that rolling you'll have a lot of them each week.

Thanks everyone and especially ed.. He knows his crap.. now just trying to find your thread on the contraptions you made to get these guys out of the feeder cups easily.
if you use the card board tube from your tp roll you will be able to collect you beetles without the beans, and they will go where you want them.:D
Thanks everyone and especially ed.. He knows his crap.. now just trying to find your thread on the contraptions you made to get these guys out of the feeder cups easily.

The easiest one which allows for maximal collection is to get the mesh they use for macrame and cut a piece to fit one of the culture cup lids. Once you have that cut out, use a good pair of scissors or an exacto knife or razor blade to cut out a slightly smaller section of a lid. Hot glue or silicone it into place (hot glue is way way faster). This is too small to let beans fall through and you can remove the beetles from the culture pretty easily. Take the culture, tap all of the beetles off the lid and sides and change the tops. Using a funnel that is wider than the top of the culture container, shake the culture up and down (like a big salt shaker). You should be able to get all of the beetles out of the culture quickly. If you do this in the sink, any escapees can be rinsed down the drain with some hot water.

I collect in a empty culture cup and add some vitamin-mineral powder to it before I collect as this will help keep the beetles from climbing the sides.

you can see how well it works here in this thread

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You are really overthinking this. Make a few cultures. Keep em for a couple blooms. Throw em out. If you have a few you will have a constant supply.
Ed's method for the top for the bean beetles works great. I used some drywall patch mesh and I am pretty happy with my Beetle shaker
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