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New Tank!

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This is my new tank that I got from a friend who was getting rid of it. No cracks and dimensions are: 36" long 20" tall and 12.5" deep. I know it's not very deep, but I just got some new driftwood, and drew out a plan.

Here is one plan layout I made (It is on it's side, the wood would be sticking out from the left side of the tank across) Sorry for any confusion, but here it is:


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Got some plants from Tropical Plantz including:

N. Lilliputania x Pauciflora

N. "Chiquita Linda"

N. Olens 696

Looking forward to getting:

N. High Voltage

N. Smithii and N. Domino
(hopefully they will get some in stock!

Here is my tank after planting:

Here are the plants :)

N. Lilliputania x Pauciflora:

N. "Chiquita Linda" :

N. "Olens 696" :

Some begonia species that I got from a member here:

Thanks for looking,

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