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New Tank In Progress

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I picked up this 47 gallon tank from my neighborhood tonight. The dimensions are 36" Long by 18" Tall by 17" Deep. I liked this tank in particular because the depth of the tank will help to make more space for the frogs. It was only 30$ including a light and a folding lid that's not pictured, and I bought it on craigslist!!! It was an amazing deal, and here are some pictures:

The tank with my hand as a scale:

My supplies (cork bark and driftwood), I will admit I did buy from Petco only because they had a 20% off sale. I don't think that there will be enough cork bark for the whole thing, so I think that I will use some Great Stuff too.

Here is the driftwood nailed together and how I would put it in the tank:

Please give thoughts and ideas to help me figure out a good plan for this amazing find!

Will Brinkerhoff
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Looks like it will be a sweet tank and yeah I find GREAT deals on craigslist all the time for tanks. Just wish I had extra room to buy them all...

The wood looks great but like everyone says it will break down quick. I used GS background for my clowns and they love it, there is a reptile show in Taylor where I picked up some wood and vines for cheap. Knuckles would look good plus your frogs would climb all over them.

Good luck with the tank I'm in Plymouth if you ever want to go grab a beer, not that I'm a dater but hey I keep tree frogs so that's close enough =)
Haha guess that shows I don't read the signatures.

My bad that is a bad suggestion haha

Good luck with the build though
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