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new pumilio study

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I found this in the life sciences library on campus and thought you guys might be interested. I looked all over the web trying to find the article to paste it but had no luck. If someone can help me out and find it to post that would be great to those who dont have access to this journal.

Summers, K., T.W. Cronin and T. Kennedy. 2004. Cross-Breeding of Distinct Morphs of the Strawberry Poison Frog (Dendrobates pumilio) from the Bocas del Toro Archipelago, Panama. Journal of Herpetology 38:1-8.

Quick summary for those who dont have access to the journal:

Two goals: To show that different color and color pattern morphs can interbreed and give viable offspring. To study inheritance of color patterns in these populations.

Results: They were able to cross different localities and gain viable offspring, proving that all the morphs are infact a single specie under the biological species concept. Melanistic patterns (spotting) showed to be dominantly inherited because all crosses that one of the adults had
melanistic patterns their offspring also showed similar pattern. They hypothesized that this may involve a single loci, similar in other frogs. They also determined color and pattern inheritance shows no sex linkage.
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I have heard about this article, but haven't had time to go find it yet.
Thanks for the kick in the butt!
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