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I just got new Grow and Glows from Todd at! As you can see in the picture, they are awesome! Todd was an amazing seller to deal with and he bent over backwards to appease me with everything. I will be going back to Todd for all of my lighting needs. I would recommend him to anyone!

The lights are quite bright and seem to already be doing a great job with fulfilling their needs. I can not wait until the Tinley Ill Reptile Expo so I can get more plants to fill out my vivarium and leaf litter. I will keep everyone updated on the growth and overall health of my plants as the months go on.

In regards to my jimmy rigged way of setting up my grow and glows, you can see its nothing special. It is 2 plug in adapters and a three way electrical outlet. The grow and glows sit onto of a few pieces of wood for support. I am in the process of making a housing unit that is more appealing to the eye as we speak.

Thanks for looking and once again thank you Todd !

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