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Amazing...the exact same little microhylid, fire-bellied toad somthinerother frog in many different forms due to habitat pressures recycled a dozen times to mystify the visionlessly uninitiated. Yes indeed, let's drive an entire population of people into poverty to save these frogs from deforestation...whatever it takes, right?

When you find a new anuran big enough to eat a gibbon...I'll read the article. If the fact that we are still finding new varying forms of the same species of little fossorial or nocturnal amphibians enthralls're easily enthralled.

By the way, the official press photo of the "rainbow frog" that was "discovered" recently had the saturation bumped so high (to make the frog more colorful) that it was a laughable insult to our intelligence.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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