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I bought a female Leuc from guppygal this past weekend and already yesterday after 2 days of being in the tank she laid a very black egg for me.


1 - I can tell she is a lot larger than the female I already have that has just last week started laying eggs. Could it be she's older or just from a larger size batch? That I know of, the girl I already have is about a year and half to two years old.

2 - This girl I bought from guppygal was already full of eggs when I got her. She laid one very black egg and a bunch of little bubble type jelly all around the same hut. At first I thought they were eggs, but now I can see they are just like bubbles. Is this normal? My other girl will lay jelly aside her eggs but it doesn't look like bubbles, it just looks like clear jelly.

3 - I know black eggs are good eggs for Leucs from what I have read. But do they come out black when laid or are they laid white and then turn black once fertilized?
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