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Okay so I want to build another exo in addition to my 36x18x36 in order to separate my mixed species tank. Right now it has two azureus and a green anole. The new tank will be for my single anole and maybe get him some buddies depending on how big of a tank I get. What do you think the best suitable exo I can get for my anole, and if I decided to get one or two more green anoles how big should I go. I was also thinking about re doing my xl x-tall exo after completing my new build. I was considering getting the 24x18x36 for my anole and making the two tanks sister tanks. This way there is the illusion of a mixed species tank without the dangers of one. If that was the case how many anoles would be happy in the 24x18x36 and how many azureus can be kept happily in a 36x18x36?
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