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This tank all started with a hike in the woods.

I was hiking with my girlfriend and we stumbled upon a Spring Peeper in some wetlands. Her and I were very excited and decided we would go home and put together a tank for him to live in. We temporarily housed him in a 5 gallon water bottle with the top cut off and used cellophane as a top (Big Mistake!.) The next day we happened upon another spring peeper on my front door and added him to the collection.

We decided we wanted to put together a biotope tank on a tight budget, spending as little money as possible. We figured for a New England biotope tank what better place to get specimens than right outside. So we ventured out again to find some additional plants and some salamanders.

Things progressed like this until I found a suitable 55 Gallon on Craigslist and picked it up for $35. Sadly by the time that had happened my frogs and all but one salamander had escaped. After a little re-silicone'ing I switched the remaining contents of the 5 Gallon bottle in to their new home. I also went out again and collected some more salamanders, found pill bugs and worms to add to the mix. We weren't able to find any frogs however.

Frustrated by the cold weather and therefore a lack of spring peepers for my tank I went to the pet store and purchased a Leopard Frog for $7.

That's where my tank stands today and I will post pictures soon to see what you all think.

My favorite thing about this tank is that I only add food, in the form of local bugs outside, once every few months. The plants, salamanders, bugs, and the frog have all been sustaining themselves this way.
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