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My second Cristobal pair did not seem to be doing much. I had a trio to start with that turned out to be a 2.1 instead of a 1.2. I removed the calling male because the other two were hiding all the time, and after about a week I heard one of the other two start calling. I didn't see any courting behavior for two months after removing the first male and certainly no eggs. I was beginning to think I had ended up with three males.

When I checked in on them today I found this little guy and one other in a different brom. That brom is tiny. I would never have guessed a tadpole could survive in there.

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Lesson learned #1 - Even if two pumilios are not aggressive toward one another they could still both be males.

Lesson learned #2 - If you have a pumilio trio and they are overly shy, you could have two (or even three) males. The dominant male might call and show some boldness, but that doesn't mean he's the only male.
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