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Hi All,

Please check out: Newts: an Introduction to Captive Care

Although my interests are wide, newts and salamanders have always held a special fascination for me. Beginning in childhood, I sought to keep and breed as many species as possible, and I focused on their husbandry and conservation when I entered the zoo field. In time, I wrote a book summarizing my experiences (please see below). The following information may be applied to the care of Japanese Fire-Bellied, Eastern, California, Ribbed and Paddle-Tailed Newts, as well as most others that appear in the pet trade. Read article here: Newts as Pets - an Introduction to their Care and Feeding | That Reptile Blog
Comments and questions appreciated,

Thanks, Frank


Frank Indiviglio | Facebook

Bio: That Pet Place welcomes Zoologist/Herpetologist Frank Indiviglio to That Reptile Blog | That Reptile Blog
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