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We've updated the site with a faster loading & easier to navigate supply menu and a bunch of new features. :) I hope everyone likes it. We also added a much more in detail about us section for those that don't know us yet.

Here's the deal.
I know we're known mostly for our terrarium plants. I really appreciate the loyalty we've got with so many forum members. :) (Thanks!!!) I just want to remind everyone that we've got hundreds of supply items in stock & ready to ship, all at some of the lowest prices you'll find anywhere. Something more: Our new system allows us to ship out most supply orders within 24 hours on week days! ;)

Sale Stuff:

Now 'till Sunday - anything $20+ ships for $5. Anything over $50 ships for FREE. :eek:

Springtail cultures - Your choice of charcoal or mixed media for just $4.99/ea including some springtail food! :eek:

New Stuff:

Medium grade (low dust) excelsior starting @ $4.99

Repashy Gecko MRP (every flavor) all at minimum advertisable prices!

Containers (new and old) @ our lowest prices ever.

Zoo Med Humidity & Temperature controllers @ the stupid cheap price of $68.99! (Extremely low qty left!)

Zoo Med temp guns for only $21.99 (arriving to us 5/5/11)

Pro Exotics temp guns for only $47.99 (Extremely low qty left!)

Stuff Coming Soon:

Repashy's Superfly Fly Media

TetraFauna's Deluxe Vivariums (arriving 5/5/11, hopefully) NO picture on these yet. They are extremely new to the market. :)

Peperomias, Selaginellas, Neoregelias, and more arriving Friday of this week. Those should be up on the site by mid-week next week. We've been DYING with delays on the big shipment coming in.

That's it for now! Thanks very much for checking us out. Katie and I really, truly appreciate your business. :)

-Mike @ New England Herpetoculture


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Just a quick reminder: Today is the LAST DAY for $4.99 springtails & the free shipping sale! :) (We extended it one day for customers calling in with questions & for others adding on!)
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