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Can someone post or email a picture of a male vent and a female vent please? The more obvious the sex the better. MIne are getting to that age and I just can't tell.


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Mark - check the hips.

If the hips are parallel with the upper body - good odds you've got a male.

If the hips are bigger than the upper body, good odds you've got a female.

If you go back and look for Bill Johnson's "Imitators, Finally" post (found it:, the last one is a female.

The same type of body shape applies to the Vents. The Vents are a touch more elongated than Imitators, but have the same body shape.

Hope this helps.


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To post a pic, you need to have the image hosted somewehere online then use the following tags
Hope this helps!! Great seeing you here!

-Bill J.
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