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Hey everyone. So im new to the dart frog community and have a question for you guys. I was looking at this site and they have a picture of some frogs on there site banner and there is one frog on there that I just love. well Iv looked and looked and cant find it or even find out what kind it is. so what im asking is can you guys click on the link and let me know what you guys think or know what it is.

Its the 3 frog from the left on the banner and its blue green and black.

Simply Natural Dart Frogs: Contact Us

Thanks Kris
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That is D. auratus. (4th frog) The 3rd frog is D. tinctorius.

Dendrobates auratus Morphguide

Look through here and match it up, or maybe find something similar that you like more!

Here is a link to my Tincs... But they are yellow, blue and black...

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