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Hello everyone, I’m looking for feedback on what’s up with my egg clutches. I’ve been breeding darts for 5yrs now and have yet to run into this problem I seem to be having. I had to get rid of most of my collection due to the army and I’m just now rebuilding my stock. My D. aurataenia have lain, to date 113 eggs in film canisters since the last part of Feb. Which is great but they’re not developing at all. When I first notice the eggs I wait 2dys before removing them. Some clutches I have left alone to see if they develop but again no such luck. I just switched over to cocohuts with dishes hoping this would help. I know I have 2.3 which are about 2 ½ yrs. I have even separated to make 1.2 and 1.1. The eggs look great till the second or third days. I also have noticed when their first laid a small white spot on the bottom of the eggs. Is this normal? Is my male not doing his job? Could there be something wrong in my tank? I also have a pair of D. tinc colbolts 2 1/2yrs which use to produce good eggs. Lately they have been turning bad. Again they seem to be doing the same as the D. aurataenia. I use RO water with tadpole tea, dust my foods almost everyday, temp is keep around 74-76 degrees. HELP PLEASE
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