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Hi Rich,

I had something similar happen. My ventrimaculatus and auratus stopped breeding late summer/early fall. For other reasons, I moved my collection to the basement (from the second floor). It is significantly cooler, with a nice drop in the evening. My ventrimaculatus have not stopped laying since I moved them late last year. All I did was move them. They are still in the same tanks, with the same lights (same distance from tanks to lights), same food and supplementation. It is just cooler.

I will have to check, but temps at night can dip to the low 60s during the winter, normally hitting 68-70. I have glass lids on all my frog tanks, so they retain heat reasonably well into the night. The inside temperature of the tanks is a little cooler and once the summer comes, will be quite a bit cooler.

Hope this helps.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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