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I have some front opening acrylic tanks which have what is sometimes referred to as the European style of ventilation. By this I mean that they have a top vent towards the front of the tank and then a complimentary vent in the channel inset below the door (like the Understory Enterprises tanks). This allows air to keep the front clear while the rest of the tank stays humid. I plan on adding a misting system, so I’m not worried about things drying out. However, I am trying to decide if I should still add a circulation system towards the back of the tank. I’d like to have some orchids in the tanks, so air movement is import. I’m just not sure if adding the circulation system would create too much air movement in the tank (due to the front vents), or maybe create other problems I haven’t even thought of yet? I guess I’d like to hear some other peoples opinions on if I should even bother with the circulation system (maybe it isn’t needed as air will be exchanged in the tank via the front vents). Especially if they have experience with tanks of a similar style. Thanks.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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