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Exo Cons:
Rusty not-Stainless Screening that needs to be replaced
Crossed Plastic Pieces Across Lid making lighting less convenient (unless you are using Exo's hoods)
Latch can accidentally be left unlocked (Doesn't sound like a problem 'till it happens ;) )

Exo Pros:
Sold in a lot of places - these are easier for smaller stores to get
Easier to ship (so it's often cheaper to get these shipped)
Available in kits for excellent prices
Available with tons of add-ons (Stands, thermo/hygros that mount to lights, etc)
Double door to prevent escapes

Zoo Med Cons:
Older versions had issues with latches
Older versions had QC issues
Only sold up to 18x18x24

Zoo Med Pros:
Single glass pane for clearer viewing
Price is usually less expensive
Easier to FF proof the lid
Stainless Steel Screen

Luckily a bunch of the add-on features work with either terrarium. :) After using & selling both, it's a pretty close bet. They are both good units.

I have not bought a zoomed in a few years. Have they fixed the latch problem yet? Every single zoomed I have has a broken latch.
100% yes. Zoo Med will send you free (updated) latches to replace your broken ones if you ask them.
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